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Top 10 Cat-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Whenever you pack your bags and plan to leave for your much-awaited vacation, do you see a pair of two large cat eyes staring at you with envy? Ignoring the constant stare, you say goodbye to your feline friend, and with a heavy heart, you embark on your desired trip. However, if you are sick and tired of feeling guilty when leaving your cat at home, why not take it with you?

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What is a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Nicknamed 'Wegie', one of the unique characteristic of these cats is that their top layer of fur is water resistant; it sheds water, protecting the underlying dense, wooly layer from moisture. Norwegian Forest cats were bred to withstand extremely cold weather, and their several layers of thick fur protect their bodies from freezing temperatures.

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Lucinda Reviews

Lucinda the Literate Cat and her human, Fran, were gracious enough to write a post about the history of nyxycat! Lucinda also included a list of some of her favourite nyxycat products.

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Aoshima, The Japanese ‘Cat Island’

Aoshima is a 1-mile-long island located in the Ehime Prefecture of southern Japan, also known as “Cat Island.”  On this island, the feline population actually outnumbers the human population by more than 10 to 1! With so many cats inhabiting this island, Aoshima has become a popular tourist destination.

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Famous Funny Cats From TV And Pop Culture

Several funny famous cats have ruled TV screens and pop culture for decades. Whether it is their catchy names, their oh so perfect attire, or their captivating attitude, these funny felines have garnered a huge fan following worldwide.

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