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Top 10 Cat-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Whenever you pack your bags and plan to leave for your much-awaited vacation, do you see a pair of two large cat eyes staring at you with envy? Ignoring the constant stare, you say goodbye to your feline friend, and with a heavy heart, you embark on your desired trip. However, if you are sick and tired of feeling guilty when leaving your cat at home, why not take it with you?

Yes, you heard that right. There are several cat-friendly destinations you can go to along with your beloved furry friend and enjoy some much-needed bonding. So whether you are a cat lover looking for a location that is overflowing with cats (yes, there are quite a few) or planning to vacay with your purry-buddy, we will tell you some fantastic places that should be on the top of your list.

So, are you ready for your road trip with a cat? Without wasting time, let us get started and first answer some necessary ‘ travelling with cats’ questions.

Is it ok to take my cat with me on vacation?

Is it ok to take my cat with me on vacation?

This is a common question that concerns many cat parents, especially if they plan to vacay with their cat for the first time. The truth is, it is ok to travel with your four-pawed baby. The next question is, how to travel with a cat? Well, there are few aspects that you need to take care of first. Always consider the following points before you start your travel:
  • Ensure that you travel with your cat’s collar, ID, and a harness that has your number, name, and address mentioned.
  • Keep the weather in mind and pack the necessary items that your cat may need while travelling.
  • Remember to keep your cat’s medical records with you along with paperwork that mentions its vaccination status.
  • If your cat tends to get car/travel sick, remember to take anti-sickness medication from its vet.

Are my cats ok when I go on vacation?

To be honest, it all comes down to your decision to leave the cat at home alone, or there will be someone watching over your fur bud. There is no denying that it's never a good decision to leave your cat alone at home for a long duration of time. Even though many cats can do just fine with fresh food, a litter box, and water, you can never be certain about unexpected accidents or injuries when you aren't home.

So, if you are planning to go for an extended period, make sure you have family, friends, or a sitter watch over your cat till you get back.

Do cats miss their owners when they go on vacation?

Even though going on a vacation that you were waiting eagerly for is super exciting, your cat who is left behind may not feel the same. Cats tend to feel lonely and miss their owners, and they express their emotions in various ways. For example, some may turn to aggressive behaviour, whereas others may stop eating. Although cats may not be the best at displaying their affection, they miss their owners when they aren't home.

Where can I vacation with my cats?

Are you finally making plans to go out and travel with your beloved cat? If you feel lost while trying to decide the perfect places to visit, take a look at the following ideas:

Cat-friendly cities

Travelling with a cat has never been more exciting, as there are many cat-friendly cities you can go to with assurance in hospitality. Not only do they feature retail stores that are solely dedicated to pets, but they also have pet-friendly cafes and parks.

Cat-friendly hotels

If you really aren't in the mood to travel too much and would instead relax in a luxurious hotel, the good news is that you can because there are several cat-friendly hotels that provide comfortable accommodation, including several perks that you and your feline can thoroughly enjoy.

If you feel that your cat struggles with feelings of loneliness or separation anxiety, make sure you address those issues before leaving for a long trip, or the best way is to take them with you if possible.

Top 10 Cat-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Top 10 cat-friendly vacation destinations

Irrespective of your choice, to travel with your furry friend by your side or you are a cat lover who can't get enough of feline snuggles and purrs, there are several cat-friendly destinations that you can head off to.

Let’s take a look at the top few where cats reign supreme:

1. Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, Rome

The famous Torre Argentina is situated in Rome and is the same place where Julius Caesar was murdered. Ever since this site was excavated, the feral cats in Rome started moving in. Fast forward to now, this cat sanctuary now boasts over 250 cats that are taken care of by volunteers.

You can travel here with your cat to witness the other felines lounging around on the steps and pillars. Moreover, visitors have the chance to admire the cats from the street level. At the same time, they can make their way to the underground office, where they can browse the gift shop, give donations, and even adopt any cat they fall in love with.

2. Neco Republic Cat Café, Japan

If you genuinely want to witness a cat-friendly destination with or without your feline buddy tagging along, make your way to Neco Republic Cat Café in Japan. It is a one-of-a-kind cat cafe where you have the option of playing and snuggling with shelter cats. Whether you are looking to adopt a feline or simply spend some time with one, Neco Republic cat cafe is the place to be.

Ever since they opened their first cafe in 2014, Neco Republic has opened up seven branches in different locations of Japan. Besides keeping the cats entertaining visitors, this cafe is also affiliated with a shelter that helps get the cats adopted.

The Queen Mary 2

3. The Queen Mary 2

If you wish to embark on a luxurious cruise with your four-pawed friend right by your side, consider your wish granted. The Queen Mary 2 is a top luxury cruise that features 24 kennels, among which 12 are on the lower deck whereas 12 are on the upper deck. You can leave it up to the kennel master to ensure that all your cat’s eating and litter needs are met just fine.

Although your furry buddies are not allowed inside your cabin, you can always visit them at four different predetermined time schedules. So breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy your trip without having to worry about a lonely cat at home.

4. The Kimpton Hotels

If you are looking for an ultimate pampering session for yourself and your beloved cat, why not make your way to the Kimpton hotels? Not only will you and your trusted furry companion enjoy VIP treatment, but you will also love their no restrictions policy (of course, with a few exceptions).

What makes the suites at Kimpton hotels stand out are their soft plush beds, pet scratchers, pet massage, and delectable room service. Once you stay there, you and your cat will have a hard time leaving.

5. Cat House On The Kings, California

If you are a genuine cat lover searching for cat heaven on Earth, look no further than the Cat House On The Kings in California. With around seven hundred cats roaming around this no-cage cat sanctuary, it is no surprise that it was featured on Animal Planet and the National Geographic channel.

What makes this cat-friendly destination so unique is that visitors can stay in touch with their favourite cats through regular video calls, gifts, donations, and even sponsorships. If you feel happier taking your favourite kitty home, you also have the option of adopting it.

6. The Big Cat Sanctuary, UK

If you are more adventurous type and want an experience with many giant cats, nothing can beat the Big Cat Sanctuary in the UK. You will be surprised to know that this conservation sanctuary is home to sixteen different types of species of small and big cats. Since this one-of-a-kind destination isn't for entertainment purposes, it only caters to pre-booked tours.

The primary purpose of the Big Cat Sanctuary is to protect and rehabilitate big cats like jaguars and leopards, which is why it allows limited visitors. If you truly wish for an experience of a lifetime, book yourself a tour and witness these majestic, big cats up close and personal.

Gotokuji Temple, Japan

7. Gotokuji Temple, Japan

If you are a cat lover who loves all kinds of cats, Gotokuji Temple, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, is a fantastic place for you and your lovely cat.

How is it different, you may ask? Well, it’s not crowded with living and breathing cats like the rest of the places on our list. Instead, you will find countless cat statues waving one hand to give luck to the visitors. Some may find it bizarre, but we say it’s a genuinely visually attractive place. Not to forget, if you fancy those statues, you can get one yourself and fund the temple.

8. Feline Historical Museum, Ohio

The Feline Historical Museum in Ohio features cat figurines, artwork, and other different forms of cat memorabilia. These cat artifacts celebrate the best and the most significant moments in cat history. Whether it is the cat collar of the first winner of the first US cat show held in 1895 or a cat house designed and prepared by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s disciples, this cat museum is a magical place for true cat lovers.

9. Hotel Monteleone

If your travel buddy is none other than your beloved feline, why not head over to Hotel Monteleone for a wholly luxurious experience? Once you check-in, you will be graced with what they call the "Monte's Pet Package." Your super lucky cat will be pampered with gifts such as chew toys, treats, and yummy food. You will also be given an informative brochure to provide you with all the necessary info regarding other pet-friendly places within the city.

Take your time and relax while your cat has the fun of its life, making friends with other visiting felines and being pampered to the fullest.

10. The Famous Cat Islands In Japan

If you are on the lookout for a ‘cat only’ destination overflowing with the feline population, the cat islands in Japan are the answer to your dreams. There are about 11 cat islands in Japan.

Take your cat along to make new friends and witness how the island’s cat population takes over every street and corner. However, make sure you keep a close eye on your beloved purr-bud; you don't want it getting lost in the sea of other kitties.


Whether you are planning a cat vacation with your beloved kitty or are looking for a location swarming with a feline population, you don't need to wait any longer. Now that we have narrowed down a few of the top cat-friendly places, you can finally embark on the trip of your lifetime.