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Famous Funny Cats From TV And Pop Culture

Several funny famous cats have ruled TV screens and pop culture for decades. Whether it's their catchy names, their oh-so-perfect attire, or their captivating attitude, these funny felines have garnered a huge fan following worldwide. From famous TV cats to fat cats movies, cats in pop culture have always enjoyed a special place.

Whether we are talking about the ever so famous Hello kitty or the popular emoticon Pusheen cat, each cat has a specific class, nature, and style that leave its fans more and more in love with them.

So who are the most famous funny cats that have entertained us for years? Let's look at some of the most famous cartoon cats and see how these cat characters made their entrance into this world. 

Pink Panther

Nearly every adult and child are well acquainted with the name 'Pink Panther.' He is simply one of the most famous cats in movies. To be honest, The Pink Panther has been dominating the TV screens for decades. This smart cat shot to fame when the mystery/comedy film 'The Pink Panther' was released in the '60s.

The debut film started with the animated sequence of the cartoon version of this pink cat, along with its trademark theme music. Once the film garnered massive popularity, the character of The Pink Panther kept gaining fame with the release of several films in the '60s and '70s.

We can get an idea about The Pink Panther's fame by the fact that in the 70's it became a cartoon series for its beloved fans. This cunning feline has also made its way into several arcade games, gaming apps, and even online casinos. You don't get any more popular than this.

Salem From Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, became one of the most famous shows on TV when it started in 1996. Even though the show has numerous awards to its name, the show's star was undoubtedly Salem Saberhagen.

From 1998 to 2000, the cat Salem won consecutive awards for the most Favorite Animal Star. His witty comebacks and loyalty are what makes his fans fall in love with him. His first appearance was in 1962 in Archie's Mad House # 22 with Sabrina, and he still managed to win hearts six decades later.

Salem Saberhagen is one talking feline that has made it to many other shows such as Teen Angel, Boy Meets World, and many other Disney children's shows. There is simply no reason why anyone would not fall in love with this dark, sassy feline.

Toonces The Driving Cat (From Saturday Night Live)

Ever heard of a pet cat that happily drives the family car around? That is precisely what Toonces the Driving Cat is famous for. Tounces was owned by Lyle and Brenda, a lively couple who would let their pet cat drive them around. However, they soon find out that Toonces hasn't really got the skills to drive. This is how the punch line "See, I told you he could drive! Just not very well!" got so famous.

A live cat and a puppet played Toonces, who always managed to drive the car off a cliff. It is safe to say that Toonces the cat was one favorite recurring character that was given a special prime time by Saturday Night Live. 

If you like to see animated cats driving car, you have got to see Toonces the Driving Cat.


Now, who doesn't love The Smurfs? If you are as Smurf-obsessed like everyone else, then you probably know why Azrael the cat is so famous. For those who don't, this fluffy orange cat is the evil wizard's (Gargamel) pet cat. Azrael helps Gargamel in capturing the smurfs and often tells his owner about the faults in his plans.

What made Azrael from the Smurfs shot to fame was his witty, clever, and intelligent cat-attitude that makes him stand up for himself. Nonetheless, he remains loyal to his master and his mission of capturing the smurfs. With his orange fur and big white eyes, who will be able to resist his cuteness?


If you love using emoticons and stickers in your conversations on Facebook, you are probably a fan of Pusheen the cat. What better way to tell someone they can't mess with you by sending them a sticker of Pusheen in sunglasses. Feeling shy after receiving a compliment? Blushing Pusheen cat will get your appreciation across.

Want to know how famous this chubby ball of cuteness is? Pusheen cat has around 108,000 followers on Twitter and has over 9 million Facebook likes. She has garnered a massive following due to her animated comics and the ever-so adorable GIFs posted on its website.

No matter what social media platform you are using, Pusheen cat characters add life to any conversation.

Tom & Jerry

Tom from Tom and Jerry needs no introduction, as everyone has grown up seeing the non-stop action-packed fights between Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse. We can rarely hear Tom saying much, and most of the sounds he makes are from either panic or pain that Jerry subjects him to. He sets up a million traps all in the quest to catch Jerry; however, most of them backfire and usually leave him injured.

The non-stop action-filled cartoons have won the hearts of countless children and adults, with many feeling sorry for Tom, who usually never succeeds in capturing Jerry. This famous cat is one feline that every child loved while growing up and after.


Heathcliff the cat, is famous for its character in the Heathcliff comics and Heathcliff and Marmaduke. This super witty cat has earned the reputation of being the toughest cat in town. Heathcliff is no doubt smarter than the other felines in the neighborhood and loves stirring trouble. Even though he gives off a bad-kitty aura, Heathcliff has a big heart when it comes to his family and friends.

This Orange cuddly cat with tiger-like horizontal stripes has won the hearts of many, owing to his witty humor and cute antics. His overall cuddly appearance is what makes every cat lover want to have their own little Heathcliff at home.

Cheshire Cat From Alice In Wonderland

One of the notable characters from Disney's 1951 blockbuster Alice in Wonderland is Cheshire Cat. His purple and pink stripes, coupled with a mysterious personality, are what made him an instant hit. What makes him stand out from other famous felines is the permanent smile that he has on his face. I mean, who can forget that Cheshire cat smile.

That's not all; Cheshire also has the ability to disappear when he pleases and can also change his body's shape at will. He is, without a doubt, the maddest and most mysterious inhabitant of Wonderland.

Owing to his fame, Cheshire cat has made several live appearances, has video games, and even enjoys a place in Disneyland resorts and parks.

The Aristocats

Walt Disney Productions produced and released The Aristocats in 1970. This film revolves around an aristocratic family of cats that are cat-napped by a butler who wants to take over their fortune. They are helped by an alley cat that they are acquainted with. The Aristocats family consists of the parents and their three adorable kittens who inherit a grand fortune. 

The Aristocats was the last movie that Walt Disney approved himself and the last one with "A Walt Disney Production" as the ending phrase. The world sure loved these cats doing funny things and making viewers laugh.

Though all the Aristocats characters were lovely, Marie the Aristocats sure won our hearts the most. I don't know about you, but this fluffy white cat is my top favorite.

Felix The Cat

Felix the Cat is a famous cartoon character from the silent film era and is the first cartoon character to attain immense popularity. Generally, Felix is portrayed as a good-hearted cat that is always willing to lend a helping hand.

The character underwent various personality changes throughout the decades. During the 1920s, the cat is usually seen trying to get food through any means, whereas in the 1930s, the famous cat has a more childlike and innocent portrayal. With his large eyes and black and white color, Felix is a character that won hearts for many decades.


Sylvester the talking cat, is definitely everyone's favorite cat who appeared in the cartoon series of Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes. Sylvester's life goal is to capture the ever so adorable Tweety, Hippety Hopper, and Speedy Gonzales. From 1945 to 1966, Sylvester the cat, has made an appearance in 103 cartoons, making him the fourth most-watched character.

Owing to his cute lisp and heart-winning character, three of Sylvester's cartoons went on to win Academy Awards. How cool is that?

Top Cat

Those familiar with the Top Cat cartoon series will know how catchy its theme song was. Top Cat, who was also lovingly known as TC, is a yellowish-creamy furred cat who rules the alley with his wit and charm. In most of his cartoons, he is seen wearing his signature purple hat and purple vest.

A typical day in Top Cat's life involves steering his way out of trouble and earning himself some good cash without having to work. His witty personality and a fantastic sense of humor made him a top favorite cartoon character that conquered fans' hearts worldwide. 

Rufus, The Elderly Cat From The Rescuers

The cartoon movie The Rescuers holds a special place in everyone's heart for many reasons. The elderly cat Rufus became everyone's favorite when he gave Penny's information to Miss Bianca and Bernard. As Rufus the cat is an elderly cat, he hardly has any interest in things that keep younger felines busy.

He had a crucial role in the film as he used to comfort Penny never to lose hope. His warm and caring nature is what won the hearts of adults and children alike, making him one of the most loved elderly cats in the history of cartoons. 

Oliver From Oliver And Company

Oliver from Oliver and Company is one of the most loved kittens from Disney's classics. Whoever saw the cartoon movie instantly fell in love with the tiny orange-colored Tabby kitten.

Oliver was fortunate enough to catch the attention of a young girl called Penny. She showered the little kitty with immense love and affection. The cuddly little kitten with his brave and caring attitude became every child's favorite cartoon character. 

What Did These Famous Funny Cats Do?

So, what exactly did these ever so famous cartoon cats do for us? These favorite felines brought laughter and smiles onto the faces of millions of people worldwide. Some of the popular cats became prominent money-making means for their creators, and some even went on to have their own websites and merchandise.

Whether it's Pink Panther or Pusheen, each cat has its own unique history and achievements that made it to the list of the most famous cats in TV and pop culture.

There you have it; these are some of the most iconic fictional cats that have made it big. We have to admit that we all have at least one favorite cat character that we love and adore.