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All About Nyxy

It's All About Nyxy!

While out for dinner one night in June of 2019, owners and partners (in work and love!) Cameron and Paloma spotted a tiny tabby kitten meandering through the legs of some park-dwellers.

Within a few minutes, she was sitting in their laps, alternating between the two of them as to not play favourites. Before the check arrived, they had already devised a scheme to sneak her past the concierge of their downtown condo.

Paloma soon came up with the name Nyx – the Greek Goddess of the Night; that soon morphed into 'Nyxy'.

Cameron owns a web design and development firm and, when things got a little quieter due to COVID-19 in March 2019, he rather quickly put together - if anything, it was more of an ecommerce experiment, named after their queen, Nyxy.

Over the ensuing months, they started to see some tracking and, with that, sales. Cameron and Paloma are now dedicating themselves fully to; their little experiment has evolved into a legitimate online presence of unique kawaii cat products & gifts for cat lovers. About